RUSH Kenya

St John’s church has supported the RUSH Academy in Kakamega, Western Kenya for many years. The RUSH Academy was set up by Andrew and Lucy Amukowa to provide education to local children and give them the tools to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Since 2002, the academy has grown from just a kindergarten to a kindergarten, primary and secondary school! RUSH Academy takes on children from the age of two and a half until the end of secondary school even if the family have no means to pay for education. The academy is currently attended by over 450 students, 200 of whom are boarders.

RUSH believes that education is the first step on the path out of poverty, for individual pupils and whole families. The RUSH academy is playing a vital role in helping the local community get through the current crisis and to continue to transform lives long into the future. If you wish to sponsor a child or to donate to the work of International Needs and RUSH please go to their website.

Letter from Alison Mbugua – September 2021